Meet the Team


Personal Training “Discover Your True Potential”

I am passionate about sport and fitness which originates from 17 years of beach volleyball, representing Australia in the Youth Olympics and playing professionally overseas.

Undergoing my own personal training as an elite athlete has been the most intense but rewarding experience I can share with you. I ventured into the craft of body building after beach volleyball and accumulated vast interest and knowledge. It was the love of body building that paved the way to learn about the human body and most important the benefits of excellent nutrition that inspired me to become a personal trainer. It goes beyond just the physical fitness routine as you need a positive mindset to drive and compliment your goals. I truly know how much dedication and hard work it takes to succeed in health and fitness therefore I am committed to help you reach your goals and obtain results in creating a program that is fun and energized to suit your lifestyle.


Personal Training “for us ladies”
“Fitness with Intelligence”
Being the mum on the go, sharing the love for fitness & wellness all my life I transitioned from the corporate world and created a new lease of life.

Enjoying over 10 years of personal training and always curious of why and how I exercise, this became my foundation in understanding the bio-mechanics of the body inspiring me to qualify in fitness.  Now in my late 40’s I have an awareness and respect of how quickly the body changes and “I am testament that it is never too late to start to improve any aspects of concern” Alongside the exceptional rehab knowledge shared in treating my body’s “wear & tear” (i.e. knees, lower back shoulders) became an interest to wanting to discover more. To further compliment my fitness program I discovered yoga, and combined with pilates this continues to help me align, balance, open, and discover myself. I embrace both Ashtanga & Iyengar methodology of yoga as a true therapy for my body using props including chairs, blankets, blocks and ropes. These props are designed to give welcome support and prepare the body in stages as each stage is a stepping stone to approach the poses safely.

Combining my personal discoveries I have a passion to share a fusion of exercise benefits for the individual with ultimate awareness and an insightful approach. By exploring and understanding the body’s structure allows integration, restoring balance within thus leading to a harmonious and functional lifestyle.


Pilates / Yoga
“Practice in a rhythmic Pilates fusion”

I completed my qualifications in Israel with over 15 years of experience in Core Fitness/Pilates. I continue to extend my study in Astanga Yoga from a background of meditation and professional dance.   As a teacher of dance and owning my own studio in Israel demonstrating a mix of regimes I have a great understanding of how the body moves which I bring to my classes.

I am also trained in early childhood movement, fitness, and zumba. In addition I have completed teacher training qualification from the Yoga Dharma School in Tel Aviv and over the last 4 years I have  studied and practiced Ashtanga yoga, Iyengar yoga and Vinyasa yoga.   My teachings is strong, light and fluid and you will see results very quickly.


Yoga & Pilates
“the mind becomes quieter, whilst the body becomes stronger”

My transition to yoga was a natural one; with experience in classical ballet, and rhythmic gymnast in my youth, yoga  gave me a creative outlet as well means of relaxation for maintaining work life balance.  Whilst I was initially attracted to yoga for athletic benefits, I became interested in the meditation aspect also, and found myself more focussed and efficient in everyday life.
I completed 500 hours in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher training with Tattvaa Yoga, (Rishikesh, India) and specialises in teaching a dynamic vinyasa form of yoga.  Vinyasa Yoga focusses on synchronising breath and movement together, in turn, enabling the mind to become quieter, whilst the physical body becomes stronger and more flexible.   I am passionate about this style as it;s dynamic and challenging, whilst placing focus on meditation benefits.  I am very in tune and sensitive to each students practice adapting the style suitable to their individual capability.


Pilates “Pilates is a full mind body connection, having our muscles and mind be at their best is what we should strive for.”

After a health scare in 2010 I realised that I needed to prioritise my health and start to look after the only mind and body I will ever have. I took up studio pilates classes in 2011 as rehabilitation from brain surgery. There was a steady improvement each week and within 6 months I was pain free and I was no longer getting any headaches, shoulder or neck pain. It was through this discovery that I realised the benefits of Pilates as a genuine body rehabilitation.

I then enrolled as a student at Aligned for Life Pilates in the CBD in 2012 and graduated as a diploma level studio pilates instructor/matt class instructor in 2013. I spent a year teaching both matt classes and studio sessions for general fitness level clients, pregnant ladies and those suffering chronic injury pain at Revitalize Pilates and Fitness in Essendon.

I’m excited to be teaching matt classes at ABODY, showing every client how important it is to give their body the right tools to recover from all the stress it experiences on a daily basis.