Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath and Flow

Pilates is a unique method of body conditioning that integrates muscle control, breathing, flexibility, strength training and body awareness. It is strongly based around developing powerful core postural muscles – in particular the abdomen, back and buttocks – that help to keep the body supported and balanced.

The focus is on precise, controlled movements with the emphasis on quality and form rather than the number of repetitions. The smooth, precise and flowing movements are designed to create greater body awareness. The required mental concentration and coordinated breathing will develop your concentration and focus, thereby enabling you to get the full mind-body benefits that Pilates can provide.  Whether you are a footballer, golfer, tennis player, new mum needing care strength and conditioning you will see improvements in range of motion, circulation, posture and flexibility.

Pilates Mat Class

Pilates Mat Classes consist of a series of exercises performed on a floor mat, sometimes using small props such as Chi Balls and Therabands, Magic Circles, Foam Rollers and Fitball. You will be guided through each exercise using visualisation, breathing and cueing techniques to ensure correct execution of each movement.

Pilates Sculpt

Duration: 60 minutes
Maximum of 10 per class

Lengthen, Strengthen and Tone muscles through varied exercises working the entire body with a focus on the core. A fun, group exercise class that will strengthen, tone your hips thighs and tummy, improve your posture and flexibility as well as general fitness. Whether you are a footballer, golfer, tennis player, new mum needing strength and conditioning this class is suitable for all levels of ability from beginners to individuals who have some experience in Pilates.  Pilates will take your flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness to the next level.

“Fusion” Pilates & Yoga

Duration: 60 minutes
Pilates and Yoga combined

Combining Pilates sequences focussing equally on core and glutes and finishing class with some Yoga stretches leaving you feeling complete.  A little more up-beat and rhythmic adds more fun and motivation to challenge yourself.

Choose a class to suit you in a private group min. 3 persons

Refer to time table.